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10 Tips for Buying a Made-to-Measure Suit

A suit that has been made just for you, gives you the confidence to walk into any social situation and know you exude confidence. One of the most attractive items of clothing to a woman is a well-fitting suit, so make sure your suit game is on top. To help you look your best, here are 10 tips for buying a made to measure suit.

10 Tips for Buying a Made-to-Measure Suit

1. Simple Is Best
If this is your first tailored suit then you should stick to classic colours like navy, black or grey. This will allow you to look great for a number of occasions and due to the versatility.

10 Tips for Buying a Made-to-Measure Suit

2. Know Your Budget
You need to decide how much you want to spend, you get what you pay for at the end of the day. Edit Suits made to measure suits start from £440/$799.

3. The Fit
You should look for a slim, flattering cut wherever possible, but make sure its not too tight that it restricts movement. You should focus on clean lines that flatter your body shape and allow you a free range of motion. You need to be comfortable to appear confident.

4. The Fabric
The most versatile fabric is a lightweight wool, which can be worn all year round. If you’re purchasing a winter suit then thicker, more insulating wools, flannels or even tweed would be perfect. For summer you should be after breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or silk-blends, which will keep you cool under the sun.

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5. Lapels
Your choice of lapel will drastically change the look of any jacket. Notch lapels are viewed as the standard, whilst peak lapels add a bit of creative flare. Your lapels should be slim in width for a more modern look and wider for a bolder more elegant appearance.

10 Tips for Buying a Made-to-Measure Suit

6. The Buttons
A two-buttoned suit jacket is what would be deemed as the standard these days. Three-button jackets are rather old-fashioned these days so should probably be avoided. One-buttoned examples are usually reserved for more formal evening wear but if you like the look then go for it.

10 Tips for Buying a Made-to-Measure Suit

7. The Shoulders
Padded shoulders give off a more powerful image and are therefore perfect for the boardroom. Soft shoulders with little to no padding are perfect for the warmer months though, as they are more comfortable and give you an increased range of motion.

8. The Trouser Break
This at the end of the day is a personal preference. The more traditional approach is to have the rear trouser hem touch the beginning of the shoe sole, which is known as a full break. For a more modern and fashionable approach then go for little to no break. This detailing is especially important when ordering mens wide trousers.

10 Tips for Buying a Made-to-Measure Suit

9. Know Your Body Type
Avoid a suit that is too slim if you’re tall and skinny. If you are on the shorter side you should go for slim trousers with a minimal break to add height, and those with a muscular build should avoid anything with padded shoulders or a cropped cut.

10. At The End Of The Day, It’s All In The Details
When buying a made to measure suit you’ll get to choose from a range of details, which can really take your suit to the next level. Linings, button colours, stitching and vent choices can all be made, so don’t be afraid to discuss with your tailor.

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