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How to Choose a Suit for Your Beach Wedding?

The beach wedding. Should you stick with a formal dinner jacket or kit yourself out in linen?

Consider The Bride's Wishes

If your bride-to-be is intent on barefoot nuptials, then you may look awfully silly in your tuxedo and dress shoes. The same is also true if she wants a white wedding with all the trimmings, but you want to wear your thongs.

Make sure you and your partner are on the same page. Her decision with regards to her dress will set the tone for you, the groom, and the groomsmen.

Consider The Location

Okay, we know it’s at the beach, but there’s more to it than that. Will your beach wedding take place on the private sands of a five-star resort or a secluded public beach? Will you have access to a room for changing? Or will you arrive at the location dressed for the day?

Consider The Wedding

Destination beach weddings often take place on tropical islands and unless you’re taking a major gamble on the weather and tying the knot in the rainy season, you can expect high levels of humidity and a searing hot sun.

Once you have a fairly good idea about the climate, then it’s time to consider your suit material. Linen is the obvious choice for many as it’s an incredibly cool material that ensures you won’t burn up on the beach. Another less popular option is wool. It’s traditionally thought of as a cold weather material but wool is extremely breathable, and you get a much better choice of colours than the usual pale shades of linen suits.

Consider The Colours

Your wedding theme colours usually play an important part when choosing a wedding suit. You don’t want to clash with the centrepieces or the wedding canopy so choose carefully, even when deciding on accessories.


These are the quintessential colours for a linen suit and are usually the go-to hues for a beach wedding. Choose these shades if you are going for a more casual and relaxed look at the altar.


You should already know how popular navy is these days and perhaps even have a navy suit of your own. When paired with brown shoes, the navy suit is a smart casual option that is a step above the pale linen suit.


If you’re looking for something of a bridge between formal and smart casual, then the grey suit is ideal. It’s more relaxed than a standard black suit yet still holds that hint of formality.


If your partner has their heart set on a formal wedding and everything that goes with it then a traditional black wedding suit is a safe bet. It’s never the first choice for an on-the-sand wedding but, as we always say, a dinner jacket is never a bad choice.

Consider Your Comfort

The beach is undoubtedly a beautiful setting for any special occasion, but all that fabulous scenery comes at a price, and that price is sand. The bane of every beachgoer’s life, sand gets into everything and usually makes you feel uncomfortable while it’s there.

Remember that no matter how well you plan, all it takes is a gust of wind and the entire wedding party is covered in sand. So it’s easy to see why many choose loose fitting and light clothing that it’s easy to shake it out of.

Of all the considerations mentioned above, we have to say that comfort is one of the most important. It’s not every day that style comes second to comfort when planning for wedding attire, but this isn’t an everyday wedding. Choose something that you feel comfortable in and that you know will be suitable for the climate and then you can worry about the style and colours.

Whatever your ideas are concerning your wedding suit, we at PLmenswear are more than happy to help you look the part for your special day. Call into the showroom for a chat or take a look at some of our custom tailored wedding suits.

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