Look good, even during the lockdown! – plmenswear

Look good, even during the lockdown!

Whether for Zoom calls or your next business meeting – show you care!

Be creative with your planning and make an effort.

Work Call

Be the guy in the smarter jacket; be the smarter guy. This is a great time to one-up your colleagues before even opening your mouth or sending an email.

Use this time to remind your boss that you’re designed to be client facing, and capable of leading your company to victory. How? Take the time to press a crisp white shirt and pick a jacket out that commands the right kind of attention. Lockdown is a time to stand out.


Video Date

There isn’t a more important time to wear an attractive outfit than to a first date. Video dates are a thing now, and as during an in-person date, you’d like to leave an impression.

Show that you care, be creative with your planning and make an effort. The T-Shirt and jacket combo has been a winner for decades, as it shows that you have both a fun and sophisticated side to you.

Virtual Birthday Party

It’s getting boring to see people still wearing pyjamas at 4pm in the afternoon. Especially if the call in question holds a bigger significance, such as a birthday party.

Dressing up will not only make you feel better about yourself, but also show attendees that you care. Summer is upon us, so it’s time to dust off your loafers and pale chinos. We recommend pairing them with a lightweight jacket and a crisp polo shirt for a long evening in with friends.

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