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Suits are the backbone of a man’s wardrobe and yet they’re a struggle to get right. Is it possible to make them work for everyday wear? A suit is a necessity in every man’s wardrobe. But you can’t keep wearing the same suit you wore to your 12th grade farewell all your life, so take some tips.

Summer Suit

I see too many guys new to the experimenting game make the same mistake – they buy a wool suit and wonder why it’s so damn hot and sweaty during the summer. While some wools can be lighter – the so-called “four-season” fabrics, a proper summer suit needs to be lightweight and laid back. Picking out colours like beige, light blue, light grey in fabrics like cotton or linen solves most of your “I can’t wear a suit all day” problems. Best would be if you get it tailored without lining.

Summer Suit

Pin Your Stripes

Plain suits don’t necessarily draw attention to themselves because they’re very simple, they’re very classic, and many people aren’t going to notice if one day you’re wearing a navy, one day you’re wearing a charcoal, and another day you’re wearing a medium grey but they will if you get stripes on them . Vertical striped suits are on the top of their game these days. And the best part is they are suitable for every kind of occasion. Go for a striped suit instead of a basic one.

TIP: Wear a horizontally striped shirt with a vertically striped suit

Pin Your Stripes


Today’s trends mean an old-school look is getting a modern makeover. Done right, modern check suiting has a vintage elegance to it that is both contemporary and traditional. Done wrong, it looks like you raided your grandfather’s closet. Over the past few years, the unconventional suit has been on the rise as more and more men opt to set the trends rather than follow them. The Blue Suit is continuing to have its moment and now, this summer, the only suit to be seen in is a checked suit. From an understated blue to on trend grey we have your summer style sorted.

TIP: Pair with a simple white shirt and muted tie.


How to Style That Suit:

Loosen up: This applies to your shirt. I’m talking about the fit, fabric and the lack of tie. You need to pay attention to the fit and fabric of your summer shirts as well. If you’ve ever worn a really nice linen shirt on a hot day and felt the breeze come through, you know how refreshing that can feel.

Stay sockless: No show socks are the man’s best friend this season. It’s just another way to stay cool. A good rule of thumb if you’re just starting to venture into this look then don’t wear a tie either. However, if you’ve got a tie on, wear socks. Though the more advanced and confident you get, the more you’ll be able to dispense with that rule.

Leave the bottom button undone: So you’ve got your clean shirt, suit and accessories, it looks great and you’re heading out for the day. However, as you head out you button both the top and bottom button of your suit. In one simple step, you’ve managed to completely ruin your look and you didn’t even know it. Below is a quick guide on which buttons to do up when:

One button suit: Button up when standing, undo when sitting down
Two button suit: Button up the top button, leave the bottom one open. Unbutton when you sit down.

Three button suit: Button up the top two or the middle only, always leave the bottom undone. Unbutton when you sit down

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