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How to Choose Suits When Travel?

What clothes do you pack when you travel abroad?
My bag is always full of different things, but there are always some basics I carry with me. For example, a good pair of black and blue jeans. A white t-shirt is also a must, and finally a good jacket for formal events.

What does your wardrobe look like?
Well, my wardrobe is colour coded. All my shirts are organised together in different colours. Stripes are together, prints are together.. I am rather OCD you see, so I love sorting things. I also have clothes that are 4-5 years old that mean a lot to me, even though they may have a hole in them. I have many of the same items of clothing in different colours, especially shirts. I like clothes that fit well, so once I find them, I tend to buy them all.

How often do you choose made-to-measure?
When it comes to suits, I definitely go made-to-measure. I have never-ever-ever in my life bought a suit that is not made-to-measure. It has to fit me perfectly. Not all off-the-rack clothes fit me well, so I often have to make alterations. The shoulders are always too big, and the length is never right. I also nowadays have many events to attend so I am wearing suits more often. If anything I wish I could wear more made-to-measure clothes.

So, in that case, what other clothes do you get made-to-measure?
I always want a good variety of shirts, in different and interesting prints, because it is very hard to find good fabrics that have unique prints. I love the flexibility of switching from one to the other and I like owning different clothing that most people don’t have.

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