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How does the P&L men's suit size chart work?

If you go to the P&L men's wear online store and click in any product, you will see a unique size chart, there includes lots of numbers that might be a little confusing for the first time. Are you wondering how does it work? Wonder no more!


Why do we need to measure?

First we need to understand WHY do P&L employ a detailed chart instead of the common S/M/L/XL size.





Unlike casual hoodies or t-shirts, suits are classic and formal clothes that require extra measurement before purchase. Otherwise the jacket would not perfectly fit your body and it is possible you get a pair of over-long/short pants.

The more detailed we provide on suit specs, a more fitting suit you will receive, which can largely save time and energy on replacement and shipping.

P&L is devoted to offer a comprehensive service and superior products to you.





How to use the P&L suit size chart? 

First we should see the jacket part. When you look at the size label, you will see a double-digit followed by either S, R, or L (e.g.38L). There is no difference in chest, waist and shoulder betweent 38S/38R/38L. But the back and sleeve length would vary according to the capital letter.

If you have a wide waist and long arms, a Long is more suitable for you than Regular. 

Second is the pants size. Generally the pants would drop 6 inches than jacket. If you choose a 38S jacket, the pants would be 32S.

We also provide pleated pants suit set, a bit roomier than flat front pants, please make sure which kind of pants you ordered. 


Notice: Each P&L suit style has unique size chart, please always refer to the corresponding chart before purchase. 

If you are not sure about the sizes, please contact us, the friendly customer service will be there for you!





Some tips to buy your suits for the very first time:

The shoulders, collar, length of the jacket and the waist on the pants, these are the priority of deciding whether a suit fits you.

1.The shoulder seam end should just before your arm starts to go downward. sleeves should roll smoothly down the arm, with no creasing or dimpling at the shoulder.

2.Jacket collar should leave no gap with the shirt collar, and lapels should lay flat on jacket.

3.Under the collar, your jacket should have no bunching up of the fabric on the back. Any jacket that is too tight or loose will leave a visible bunching of the fabric.

4.There should be a bit of space between the blazer and your body when buttoning up. 

5.The jacket length is alternative, but generally the jacket should end at your thumb knuckle. Or when you stand up straight and make a fist, the tips of your fingers just touched the bottom of your jacket.







1.Also, it depends on each individual body shape and personal preference (Better to not show too much socks and ankles).

NO BREAK (shows lot ankle)- for young people and slimmer people.

SLIGHT BREAK (the bottom of pant leg is just to be kissing the top of your shoes and have a very slight crease)- for a modern but not too fashionable look.

MEDIUM BREAK- for most body shape and it is the classic style for everyone.

FULL BREAK- for older or heavier people with wider pants, a retro classic style.

Please do remember, don't go with the trend, go with your body. P&L men's suit is your best choice.

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