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Why Should a Man Dress Up?

Fashion moves around. But suits stay.

A man in suit looks sharp, professional and trustworthy. Jackets build shoulders, they make you look better. Flat front suit pants can embellish your legs.

Go With the Trend?

Why do men in particular feel it's not worthy to spend money on themselves for nice clothing, shoes or other expensive accessories?

A part of the reason is that the social media is telling us it shouldn't matter. You can spend money on your family, your health, your study and other investments but not clothes. That is to say, the external is not important.

But is that the truth?

When you see someone in the first place, you won’t look into his heart, you will see how he looks. Our brain will automatically take the shortcut by judging people by their look.

The first impression will lasts for years in any relationship. No matter it is a business cooperation or a romantic affair, how do you look in the first place will account for over 90% of the overall-impression in this relationship.

And your clothes covers almost 80-90% of your whole body, which means, what you wear represents who you are.   

 Your suit is your armor

At this moment, when you are in a well-fitting and elegant suit, you will be treated as a gentleman.

When you are wearing a suit, you can be really confident about yourself and it is also an apparent way to show respect others.

Maybe you can't control how other people reacts on you, but you can control how you present yourself.

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You are influential

The young teenagers would watch what you wear and try to imitate your style. And also, it influences both, as the young generation is showing their muscular body and six pack abs by wearing shorts and shirts in little fabric, adults are also trying to blend in this trend.

However, we don’t have to look good by looking young, for every grown male adult, the best look is to dress like a man.

Go with classic style, it suits your shape and would never go out of style.

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