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How many suits do you need?

How many suits do you need? There is no exact answer to this question. It depends on where you live, how much is your budget and how often do you need to wear a suit.
You will always look better in a suit, and that's the reason why people wear it in the first place.

You need to decide what kind of suit do you need, which style suits you the best, what kind of fabric can make you always dress the part, and which suit can fit for the right occasion.

We all go to interviews, weddings, funerals, galas in fancy restaurants, and evening events, also you can't just walk into any shopping mall and buy a suit randomly, because an ill-fitting suit, no matter how much it is, will only look really bad on you. A suit requires tailoring, be prepared ahead of the events, and you should have at least one suit in your closet that fits you at any points.

For those who barely wears a suit, a dark charcoal/navy/grey classic single-breasted notched lapel 2 buttons suit for year-round wearing is what you need.

As long as the suit color can combine with your other items as much as possible, it is worth investing on it. A heavy suit is hot in summer and a lightweight suit is pretty hard to manage since it is easily wrinkled. Therefore a medium weight suit is appropriate. A vest can be more formal and you can wear it  without the sports coat in warm days, your waistcoat can also be a fashion item when matching with different shirts.

When you work in a casual office, you may need to wear a suit once in a while for business events or client meetings. In that case, only one dark suit is certainly not enough.

You have to buy at least 3-5 suits. We suggest a midnight blue/navy suit, a charcoal/black suit, and a light grey/brown suit. You can also buy a double breasted one to look professional, since it is more formal than a single breasted suit.

A right suit will help you to be well respected in important occasions.
For people who needs to or loves to wear a suit as daily attire, your collection is much larger than the previous two. You can purchase your suits according to seasons. We suggest you to start from classic, elegant dark tone or solid color suits. It would never go wrong and you can wear them over and over again.

With different ties, shirts, vests, accessories and shoes, you will maximize your looks and have multiple outfits, every day you can look a little bit different. When you only wear one suit, it is possible to get it stained or scratched, but if you wear 10-15 suits in turn, each suit's lifetime can be prolonged.

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